Attended NEW YORK COMIC CON this past weekend & had a blast!

It was a record year, with over 150,000 attendees, possibly 100% verifiable as our con passes have RFID tags that we had to scan in-and-out with. I sat in on the WOMEN IN MARVEL panel (BGSD!) and the BATMAN 75th Anniversary panel (Kevin Conroy!) got a lot of comics signed, duck faced (yes it is a verb now) with many of my most favourite people, ate at Shake Shack a lot, walked over 100 km and bought a lot of cool swag.

Didn’t take as many pictures as I usually do, as I was in cosplay myself (What If? Star-lord Gamora! Red pleather! Ack!) but here are some of the snaps I was able to take.

Pretty Deadly - Kelsey B. (Alice) @ChampionofNone (Johnny) @PrettySuited (Ginny) 

Steampunk Wonder Woman - Lizmabel Puello - @LizmabelP

Femme!Winter Soldier (aristargirl on instagram) & Black Widow 

Thor - @PepperMonster

Misfit - @RedConfession

Storm - @nelsrandomlife

Ms. Marvel (@obiren13) with Madame Tussauds’ Hawkeye 

I didn’t get everyone’s names, sorry but please pipe up and send me a message if the cosplayer in these pix = you! Thanks!

Who else attended? What was your favourite panel / cosplayer / meet and greet / memorable moment ?